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Match Shapes

Match Shapes is a simple, yet challenging puzzle game that will have you trying for hours. Hundreds of levels will be a great way to spend your time and you'll never get bored. 

It is a puzzle game that will help you to train your focus and memory. As you progress in the game, things will get more difficult, but the goal is always the same: clear all blocks from the board. Players have to match shapes. The shape of each block is shown on the top-left corner of it. Players need to drag a block toward a match and release it when they see a matching symbol appears on both blocks.

This game comes with 100 levels, which can be completed in different ways – from easy to hard – and all levels are unique in design and gameplay mechanics that suit any player’s mood or skill level.

Match Shapes is a game suitable for all ages. The game consists of two modes: 'brain mode' and 'skill mode'. The first challenges you to drag squares to their appropriate place, while the second challenges you to follow instructions.

The goal is to merge blocks of the same color into one block, creating a bigger block. You can also use this feature in order to create an empty space that can be completed by any other color. This helps you solve the puzzle faster by thinking ahead. It is important to emphasize that this game is not just an easy game, but one that requires skill and logic for success!

Controls :

Using Mouse to move

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